Enforcer Forklifts: Why You Need One in Your Warehouse Today

Enforcer Forklifts

When you’re looking to update your warehouse and lifting needs, it’s important to be aware of the latest trends and developments in the industry.

One brand of forklifts that has become increasingly popular and shown strong growth over the last couple of years is Enforcer Forklifts.

Enforcer was launched in 2010 and in a short period of time has become one of the top selling forklifts in Australia. Since launching, they’ve achieved a proven record of not only providing great value for money, but also being highly reliable and durable.

Let’s find out more about Enforcer forklifts.

Cost Effective

In setting up your warehousing operational needs it’s important to get value for money.

Enforcer offers a product at a considerably cheaper price than competitors.

It does this by identifying what customers need and delivering a simple, clean and familiar machine without the added extras.

Cheaper prices, do not mean compromise on quality though, key features offered include:
– Highly-respected Japanese Yanmar 4TNE98 (EUIII) diesel engine
– Limited-slip differential
– 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty
Overall Enforcer offers a product that aims to deliver exactly what is needed, without the unnecessary fancy extras.

Local Parts Availability

Now that Enforcer has gained a large share of the Australian market, they have built up local supply networks and distributors to thoroughly satisfy servicing needs.

Enforcer offers a large stock of parts, provided locally. If you’re ever after a particular part, rest assured it won’t be hard to find.

User Friendly Design

A key feature of a Enforcer Forklift is it’s user friendly design.

When you operate one, you get the feeling it has been designed by people who have actually driven forklifts, rather than by people in a lab who have never even been to a work site.

Key user friendly features of its design include:
– Easy to reach hand brake, control levers, and pedals
– 12 degree tilt angle (great for keeping loads level)
– Easy accessibility to engine and filters
– Engine bonnet lid fully insulated to reduce noise and heat
– Spacious cab, with plenty of room for easy entry and exit
– Cab is floating, isolated from chassis, resulting in smoother operation over rough terrain
– High ground clearance – 250mm at its lowest point

Enforcer Forklifts are easily operated, offer easy useability, and can be used by all forklift operators that own a forklift licence.

Wide Range of Models

Enforcer offer a wide range of models for different requirements and applications. They offer reach stackers, general warehousing forklifts, as well as models that are more suited to rough terrain.
Enforcer also feature a complete range of fuel options including; diesel, lpg, petrol, electric and duel fuel. Their lift capacity range is from 1 ton to 32 ton forklifts.

Whether you’re a warehouse operator, farmer, civil engineer or builder you’ll be able to find an Enforcer Forklift that suits your needs.

High-Touch Services

Enforcer Forklifts require servicing every 250 kilometres, which is the industry standard.

As such it’s important to purchase a forklift from an independent service provider who will be able to satisfy those continual servicing needs.

Here at ForkServe, we’re not a middleman and are a fully independent service provider. When you buy an Enforcer Forklift from us, take comfort that you’re gaining access to a network of qualified experts.

We provide continual support for any of your ongoing service requirements.

We hope that the above has provided you with a sense of what Enforcer Forklifts are all about.

Enforcer provides forklifts that are cost effective, easy to use, practical and robust.
All the while delivering what they promise without the added unnecessary extras.

Enforcer Forklifts are now an established player in the Australian market and offer an extensive variety of models that can suit your particular business needs.

If you’re interested in buying or renting an Enforcer Forklift, why not Contact us today.

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