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competitive service & repair Rate For all Forklift makes and models

This includes new & used forklifts of any brand. We do not charge a service call booking fee for any of our forklift repairs and service.

Forklift servicing is carried out on site by our punctual, professional, clean, friendly, well equipped and fully qualified Mobile Mechanics or in our Forkserve workshop at Arndell Park.

An itemized & transparent description of the work done during the forklift service or repair is provided to our customers on completion. Extra work is only carried out with your permission.

Genuine Forklift Materials

Genuine forklift parts can be used when a unit is still under warranty. Let Forkserve know if your Forklift is under warranty at the time of making your booking.

If you need a forklift attachment, repair quote, breakdown repairs, maintenance, tyres, or other forklift services, call us today. Click here to make your forklift repair and service booking or enquiry.

Forklift Repairs and Service Sydney

Forklifts are highly versatile and complex machines coming in all shapes and sizes power options to meet your organisation’s needs. In order to maintain their optimum reliability and performance it is imperative that forklift service and forklift repairs be carried out in a timely manner. Whether it is the routine scheduled service or major overhaul such as replacing worn-out parts, tyres etc with top-quality forklift  replacements; here at Forkserve we have you covered. Operating six days a week (Saturday by appointment only), you can arrange to have your forklift serviced or repaired by our highly trained team of service technicians.

Premium Forklift Repair and Servicing Company in Sydney

If you are looking for a reliable forklift service company in Sydney, look no further than us. We have been providing the best forklift repairs and services to our clients since 1981. Our team of forklift experts are highly qualified, experienced and skilled at handling all types of forklifts. Whether it be a new or used forklift machine, we can handle it with ease. We offer competitive rates on all makes and models of forklifts, including Heli, Hyster, Enforcer, Mitsubishi, Nichiyu etc., so there’s no need to worry about your budget either.

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One-Stop-Shop for All Forklift Needs

With 40 years of experience in this industry under our belt, we know how important safety is when operating forklifts. That’s why we provide thorough inspections before any work begins as well as regular servicing throughout the year to ensure that your forklift equipment remains safe at all times.

Forkserve offers a wide range of services for forklifts and warehouse equipment. We’re the only company in Australia that can provide an all-inclusive service: we’re not just for servicing, repairs and faults, but also consist of preventive maintenance. We check your forklift to verify that it meets or exceeds the manufacturers’ specifications thereby ensuring that it operates safely and efficiently. Forklift Service and Repairs are available at our Arndell Park workshop or one of our professional, clean, friendly, well equipped and fully qualified Mobile Mechanics can come to you. Our friendly staff will get your forklift back up and running in no time.

Top Notch Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our independant customer service and attention to detail. All service and repair activity is accompanied by an itemised, transparent description of the services performed and/or repairs done in-house by specialist highly trained mechanics. Any additional work that was identified during the service and repair activity will only be carried out with your permission.

For warranty related service and repair activity genuine forklift parts will be used. We have quality forklift parts on-hand and available for all forklift makes and models, and we can source the parts for you if we don’t have them in our inventory. We guarantee all our parts, so there’s no need to worry about longevity or performance either.

Experienced and Well Trained Team

We don’t just serve businesses for forklift repairs and service; we also provide maintenance plans that allow companies with multiple machines to reduce costs over time by scheduling regular appointments rather than waiting until something goes wrong. Why wait for days for one repair when we can fix the forklift problem right away? Our team is always available to offer mobility solutions for all types of forklift trucks.

No matter how big or small your forklift problem is, our team will work hard to find a solution that minimises downtime for your business. Our experienced technicians are trained specifically in servicing forklifts which means that they know exactly what needs doing every time – saving both time and money for our customers! And because we stock forklift tyres at low prices, replacing them is easy too!

We want everyone who uses forklifts to feel confident that their forklifts are safe and reliable – which is why Forkserve offers such great value across all of its service offerings. If you need a forklift attachment, repair quote or breakdown services for your machine or looking for an affordable solution to keep your business running smoothly without compromising on quality or service levels, give us a call today. Feel free to Contact Us to book an appointment online with our team and get back on track.