Forklift Hire Blacktown

Blacktown is a true blue working class suburb. It’s home to hard working industrial operations and salt of the earth type people who are willing to put the hard yards in.

Here at ForkServe were one of the locals, we’ve been supporting Blacktown and the local community in all of their Forklift Hire needs for more than 40 years. We know the true value of hard work and so offer our customers’ unrivalled value for money along with a customised service to match their particular needs.

Who We Are

ForkServe is a proudly Australian family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our services cover a wide range of forklift needs including; New Forklift Sales, Used Forklift Sales, Forklift Hire, Forklift Repairs & Service and Forklift Parts, for the entire Sydney Metropolitan area.

Over the years, we’ve grown from being a small operation with only two employees to becoming Sydney’s Leading Independent Forklift Company.

Our business is centred on two core values:

  • Forklift manufacturer independent industry-leading technical expertise and,
  • Honest-to-goodness old fashioned customer service

Throughout our journey we’ve learnt to adapt our business to meet our changing customer needs, and build that renowned trust and loyalty, that we’ve become known for in the Forklift industry.

What We Do

Here at ForkServe we offer an all-encompassing Forklift Hire service that has been designed to meet all your needs, from initial product selection right through to ongoing service support.

As part of our service, we understand that each customer’s needs are different. What might be appropriate in one warehouse scenario, might not be the best fit for another.  This is why we’ve worked hard to offer an extensive range of both forklift makes/models and brands, that our customers can fully benefit from. We have a team of industry trained professionals that have the wealth of expertise and know-how on how to efficiently operate and best service these forklifts.

Our Forklift Hire service has been carefully designed to meet your unique needs and provide exceptional ongoing support. Here are a few core features of our service that makes all this possible.

Why Us

Sydney’s Largest Independent Forklift Hire Fleet

With 40+ years in the industry we’ve built our business to offer one of Sydney’s largest Forklift Hire fleet.  We only offer the highest quality and best brand used forklifts for our customers, all of which are meticulously maintained due to our extensive servicing program.

Our fleet features many leading brands including: Crown Forklifts, Enforcer Forklifts, Heli Forklifts, Hyster Forklifts, Jungheinrich, Nichiyu Forklifts, Nissan Forklifts, Raymond Forklifts, Toyota Forklifts, and Yale Forklifts. As such, we can supply All Terrain Forklifts, Gas and Electric Forklifts, Diesel and High Reach Forklifts.

No matter the forklift you’re after, big or small, we’ve got it.

Tailored Service

Your business is like no other, you have your own unique set of circumstances and therefore you need a tailored solution to suit your particular needs. This is where we step in at ForkServe. Our team of experienced staff will work with you to find and source the best forklift to suit your specific needs while staying mindful of your budget.

No matter your warehousing requirements, we can tailor equipment to suit your specific needs, this may include providing machines with enclosed drivers cabin or tyres to suit a particular terrain.

We’ll assess your unique needs and then work together to help you find the best fit.

Price Beat Guarantee

In the Forklift industry, ForkServe is known as a company who you can rely on and trust.

Our Forklift Hire rates are often described as “the best in town”, and we even go the extra mile providing a further discounted hire rate if you sign up to hire a forklift for a period of 12 months or more.

We are confident that our price is the best price, we’ll beat any competitor written quote by 5%. That’s our guarantee from us to you!

Flexible Hiring Process

Operating a warehousing intensive business can be difficult. There are so many operational things to organise and coordinate, not to mention having to worry about all the admin and how far your budget can take you. This is where we make it easy for you at ForkServe, with a ForkServe rental, we give you the freedom to focus on your core business & we’ll take care of the entire Forklift hire process.

Right from the very start we’ll sit with you to understand your business and your particular circumstances. We’ll then design a Forklift Hire solution for you that will not only meet all your operational needs but also abide by your budget considerations. Whether you need a Forklift hire solution consisting of one forklift performing a core task, or a fleet of forklifts able to cope with a variety of applications, here at ForkServe we’re flexible enough to meet your needs.

We also don’t neglect the servicing component. ForkServe provides ongoing support long after you’ve left our workshop. We’ll meticulously maintain your forklift and provide servicing either at our workshop, or our mobile mechanics can come to you, whatever is the most convenient.

Blacktown is a true working class suburb, full of busy factories keeping Western Sydney ticking along. If you’re after a local company to look after your Forklift Hire needs, look no further than ForkServe.

Were a local business that’s been supporting Blacktown for more than 40 years. We make your life easy by offering a comprehensive flexible value for money hiring process, allowing you to focus on your core business.