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Crown Forklift for Sale and for Lease

Crown has been manufacturing and distributing heavy machinery since 1945. They specialise in narrow stacking and narrow aisle forklifts. These types of forklifts excel for indoor use in warehouses or distribution because they’re able to fit between shelving. They’re smaller, faster and produce fewer emissions so why not think about purchasing Crown forklifts Sydney?

One of the biggest advantages of Crown forklifts is their unique profile. They offer narrow-aisle and very narrow-aisle forklifts. They also offer a standup counterbalance model. This model allows the driver to stand sideways and see backward and forward by turning his head. Being able to do this makes maneuvering the forklift easier. It also makes it generally safer for anyone who is around when the forklift is in operation.

Why Choose To Buy A Crown Forklift?

You can use them to load and unload your trucks thanks to their lightweight construction. They have a smaller profile that works well in and around loading docks. Another use is for picking stock, as they can reach higher areas easier than a full-size forklift.

Since this forklift features a special narrow design, it’s going to cost more upfront. The machine is not able to handle the lifting capabilities of the more heavy-duty forklifts, which means it is not a good option for big outdoor projects.

Crown Forklifts Sydney

Crown Forklift Solutions

The Crown forklift brand began as an American company in the 1920s. In 1956, they started manufacturing and selling lift trucks like stock pickers for the government. They split manufacturing into hand-powered and battery-powered options. The late 1960s brought about a revival of Crown forklifts, and they opened an Australian plant in 1970.

Since then, Crown lift truck and pallet trucks have become a powerful contender throughout various industries in Australia. They bring a level of flexibility to the packing and stocking sectors in warehouses that was previously unheard of. They feature combustion engines that add power and speed to each forklift when you run it. Crown also debuted a counterbalanced stacker that can take over several lift truck jobs. It can lift up to 1,814 kg without a problem.

You’ll get a host of safety features when you rent or purchase Crown forklifts. They’ve included cages for operators, power steering, different performance settings, multiple pin code performance profiles, brake overrides and much more.

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