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Heli Forklifts

Heli Forklifts are true trend setters who have been around since 1958.

They are the first Chinese forklift company to be listed in the stock exchange, and have gone through a period of rapid development, resulting in them entering into the top ten forklift brands in the world.

Heli produces a quality range of durable forklifts featuring state of the art technology.

A big part of their brand is the time and effort they spend on testing.

Heli has world renowned technical research and development centres, where every facet of development from: transmission, fatigue strength, oil cylinder, electric units, noise and vibration analysis, and stress-strain, goes through a systematic testing process, to only produce the best of results.

Heli has a wide range of forklift solutions and may be the ideal hiring solution for your needs.

Heli Forklift Range

Heli produces a range of forklifts falling into the categories of Electric forklift series, Lithium Battery forklift series, Engine forklift series, and Heavy forklift series.

They feature a broad range of lift capacities and lift heights, with lift capacity ranging from 1 to 7 tonnes in the lighter more streamline models, to 12 to 46 tonnes in the heavy duty models.

Heli also has models specifically suited for warehouse environments such as walkie stackers and walkie pallet trucks.

Depending on your usage and power source requirements Heli will have a solution for you.

Why Heli Forklifts?

As a result of their research and development program, Heli delivers industry leading forklift performance. Their forklifts are safe and reliable, while delivering optimal performance with energy conservation.

Heli Forklifts are known for their great manoeuvrability, featuring smart steering deceleration to safely manage the tightest of corners, and auto brake technology that automatically adapts to changes in ground conditions.

Heli Forklifts have also been developed with operators in mind.

Their forklifts feature an increased operating space with a greater front view range, easy and comfortable access to the cabin, and a user friendly control panel.

The electric models are suitable for warehouse environments, whereas if you have more strenuous material handling needs, the Heavy Forklift series are more than up to the task.

Heli Forklift Hire Sydney

Heli has a goal of entering into the top five forklift brands in the world and are continuing to expand to the Australian market.

Here at ForkServe we’re proud to offer an extensive quality range of forklifts for hire including Heli Forklifts.

We’re Sydney’s Leading Independent Forklift Company providing genuine independent advice (no sales pitches).

We’ll work with you to find a forklift solution that best meets your particular needs and abides by any budget considerations.

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Heli Forklift Servicing & Repairs

ForkServe has been in business for over 40 years and has developed a high level of in-house knowledge and expertise. Our technicians have the relevant experience and skills in servicing Heli Forklifts.

Servicing is carried out every 200 hours or 3 months to ensure optimal lift performance.

Being a trusted provider of Heli Forklifts, should the need arise, we have ready access to any parts needed.

Servicing is carried out on site by our professional, well equipped and fully qualified Mobile Mechanics or in our ForkServe workshop at Arndell Park which is strategically located close to M4, M7 and M2 motorways.

Premium Heli Forklifts Sydney

Heli Forklifts are true trend setters being the first Chinese brand in the forklift industry.

They have set an aggressive growth target, now entering into the top 10 forklift brands in the world.

Their emphasis is on a world leading research and development program, resulting in safe and reliable forklifts that deliver optimal performance with energy conservation.

Heli Forklifts offer exceptional levels of manoeuvrability and user control, and have models that are suited to tight warehouse environments, as well as to heavier material handling needs.

Here at ForkServe we offer an extensive range of Heli Forklifts, and have years of experience in hiring and servicing these types of forklifts.

If you like to know more about Heli Forklifts or have any other questions on your hiring or servicing needs, why not contact us today.