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Traction Batteries

Many forklifts come with traction batteries. They’re different from starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries in one large way. Traction batteries are designed to give out more power over an extended period of time. Instead of traditional SLI batteries, many forklift companies use deep cycle batteries. These forklift batteries Sydney come with a higher ampere-hour capacity giving you a substantial power to weight ratio. Also, these batteries can survive in harsh environments operating in temperature ranges starting at -30°C all the way up to +65°C.

Rechargeable Battery

Another popular forklift battery type that Forkserve offers is a rechargeable battery. Common types include Li-ion polymer, NiCd, lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride, molten-salt and zinc-air batteries. The types of batteries that forklifts come outfitted with are the Lithium polymer and Li-ion polymer batteries. They give out a very high energy density compared to their lightweight design.

Forklift Batteries Sydney

Premium Forklift Battery

Your forklift batteries should have a low cost and a long life that encompasses over 1,000 cycles. It should also have a low self-discharge rate paired with fewer maintenance requirements. The weight is another factor. Heavier weight machines give you more stability. However, lower weight batteries are better for lightweight forklifts.

Since your battery is your main power source, it must be the correct size to deliver consistent power the entire time the forklift runs. Your battery has to have the EV capacity to get the required power. It has to do with while not exceeding the discharge depth of 80% so the battery doesn’t die.

This can be an expensive investment on top of your forklift purchase, so you want a battery with a long life. It should be able to withstand different environments without corroding. Additionally, it should give you a decent charge that spans the entire time you use it. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are a good choice for electric forklifts. They still hold a charge and run well over several years. This is due, in part, to recent advances. Forklift batteries have had a boost in capacity, efficiency, safety, materials, durability and toxicity that enable them to perform better overall.

Common issues that can quickly cause problems with your batteries include high self-discharge, poor efficiency, poor performance in colder temperatures and fiddly charge cycles. Also charging batteries and operating forklifts with them causes a release of sulphur, oxygen and hydrogen. If you don’t have proper ventilation, these smells can leak into your operator’s cab.

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