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High reach forklifts give you a much higher reach and greater control than you’d get with an ordinary forklift. They raise the forks, controls and the operator at the same time. The operator gets a platform to stand on that allows them to drive the forklift, pick up items, and reach the required heights. The platform serves a dual purpose of being the operator’s cab and a loading stage. High reach forklifts Sydney give your operators a maximum height of 10 metres so the operator must wear a fall harness when they use it.

Electric High Reach Lifts

High reach forklifts from Forkserve are suitable for use in distribution centres and warehouses. It can easily navigate the narrow aisles and tight spaces that are common in high-density warehouses due to the versatility and maneuverability. This forklift excels in indoor areas where you drive it on an even, smooth and flat flooring. Also, you can only use it indoors as it’s electric. It won’t withstand the elements without developing electrical failures and problems.

The most valuable aspect of this forklift is that it can pick up and transport materials and loads at high elevations. No ordinary counterbalance forklift can do this without fear of overbalancing. This adds to the overall value. You may hear them referred to a reach truck, high-level order picker, telescopic handler, reach stacker and a scissor lift.

High Reach Forklift Sydney

Scissor Lifts | High-Level Order Picker Forklifts

If you have a scissor lift, it’s usually like a hand pallet truck. The biggest difference is the height between the two models. The hydraulic pump allows scissor lifts to pick up loads weighing 1,000 kg up to 800 mm in the air. For high-level order pickers, they can reach heights of 14,500 mm with a maximum load capacity of 2,000 kgs.

You can use these forklifts to store your goods in one of two ways. The first is manual storage. You use a platform with rigid forks to pick or put your items away in their place. The second is a mechanical forklift that moves forks through your operator’s seat.

The main application of these forklifts is to transport bulky or long items. You’ll get the choice of electric or diesel engines. The operator sits alongside the forklift and operates it from this vantage point. They can lower this platform to the ground and raise it up as needed. Once they pick an item, they retract the boom and sit the load on the forklift’s supporting arms. This allows you to safely move your goods without needed a counterweight to balance it out.

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