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Nichiyu Forklifts

Nichiyu Forklifts are the kings of innovation.

They first developed the battery-electric forklift in Japan more than 70 years ago, and since then have continually introduced innovations enhancing performance, reliability and safety.

Key features include; ergonomically-designed operator forklift cabins, impact absorbing masts, travel speed sensitive lift control, auto lifting stop, and laser pointers for accurate forklift truck pallet handling.

Nichiyu Forklift Range

Nichiyu has an extensive range of forklifts containing a number of features improving overall functionality and efficiency.

They produce varying models of Multi Directional Forklift Reach Trucks, Counterbalance Forklifts, Walkie Reach Stackers, and Order Pickers.

Each has its own capacity and lift heights and can be matched to best suit your particular needs.

Why Nichiyu Forklifts?

Being an industry leading electric powered forklift provider, Nichiyu possesses a number of key benefits centred around manoeuvrability, reduced noise, and lower running costs.

Nichiyu Forklifts are more compact vehicles with a smaller chassis and a lower centre of gravity, making them better suited for use in smaller spaces compared to other types of forklifts.

With increased manoeuvrability they come into their own in warehouse environments, being easy to navigate around narrow aisles and tight corners.

Premium Nichiyu Forklifts Supplier

From a noise minimisation perspective, Nichiyu Forklifts produce significantly less noise than those operating on internal combustion. This helps to improve working conditions and reduces the risk of hearing damage in employees.

Finally Nichiyu Forklifts also offer overall lower running costs.

Compared to some other brands they are generally more expensive to buy, but in the long term they are approximately 30 – 35% cheaper to maintain, equating to cost savings over the lifetime of the forklift.

Nichiyu Forklift Hire Sydney

Since Nichiyu has been around for such a long time they have an extensive Australian footprint.

Here at ForkServe we’re proud to offer an extensive quality range of forklifts for hire including Nichiyu Forklifts.

We’re Sydney’s Leading Independent Forklift Company providing genuine independent advice (no sales pitches).

We’ll work with you to find a forklift solution that best meets your particular needs and abides by any budget considerations.

We know that as business owners you need to be mindful of operation costs, you need to find value for money, so we offer a Price Beat Guarantee!

We’ll beat any competitor written quote by 5%. That’s our guarantee from us to you!

Nichiyu Forklift Servicing & Repairs

ForkServe has been in business for over 40 years and has developed a high level of in-house knowledge and expertise. Our technicians have the relevant experience and skills in servicing Nichiyu Forklifts.

Servicing is carried out every 200 hours or 3 months to ensure optimal lift performance.

Being a trusted provider of Nichiyu Forklifts, should the need arise, we have ready access to any parts needed.

Servicing is carried out on site by our professional, well equipped and fully qualified Mobile Mechanics or in our ForkServe workshop at Arndell Park which is strategically located close to M4, M7 and M2 motorways.

Nichiyu Forklifts are the kings of innovation, delivering unprecedented levels of safe, clean, and energy-efficient forklifts.

They are perfectly suited to a warehouse environment featuring seamless manoeuvrability, reduced noise, and lower running costs.

Here at ForkServe we offer an extensive range of Nichiyu Forklifts, and have years of experience in hiring and servicing these types of forklifts.

If you like to know more about Nichiyu Forklifts or have any other questions on your hiring or servicing needs, why not contact us today.