Forklift Sales Sydney

Forklifts are the heart of many businesses. They form a core part of operations and keep things ticking along.

When it comes time to purchase a new forklift or used forklift,  it’s not a decision to be made lightly.

Since it can represent a significant outlay you want to make sure that you’re getting a Forklift that will not only meet your particular operational needs, but also delivers long term value.

At Forkserve, we’re independent experts in the field. We’ve got 40 plus years of experience behind us and know all the leading Forklift brands inside out. We can guide you in selecting a forklift that meets your specific needs and is also suited to your budget.

5 Reasons to hire a forklift from Forkserve?

  1. Our forklift hire rates are often described as “the best in town”. Sign up to hire a forklift for 12 months or more to receive a further discounted price hire rate.
  2. At Forkserve Sydney, NSW we base our forklift hire rates on 30 hours of usage per week, instead of 25 hours.
  3. We provide a new set of tyres every 1 year period if required.
  4. Servicing is carried out every 200 hours or 3 months to ensure optimal lift performance.
  5. We can tailor forklift equipment to suit your specific needs (including providing forklift machines with enclosed drivers cabin, double pallet handler, extra long tynes, whitegoods clamp, tyres to suit terrain, container mast, jib, etc).

Who is Forkserve?

Forkserve is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We are a New Forklift Sales, Used Forklift Sales, Forklift Hire, Forklift Parts and Forklift Repairs & Service business operating in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Over the years, our business has grown from being a small operation with only two employees to becoming Sydney’s Leading Independent Forklift Company.

We’ve grown and adapted to meet our customers needs and have become a trusted player in the Forklift industry.

Our customers know and trust us resulting in us being nominated as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

We operate on two core values that has made our business great:

  1. Forklift manufacturer independent industry-leading technical expertise and,
  2. Honest-to-goodness old fashioned customer service.


Independent industry-leading technical expertise

Unlike some of our competitors who are locked into distribution agreements and may not necessarily have your best interests at heart, we are completely 100% independent.

Being independent, our customers get genuine independent advice (no sales pitches), more variety of forklifts that meet their needs to choose from, and access to an independent team of highly qualified specialists.

Honest-to-goodness old fashioned customer service

Being an Australian family owned and operated business we’ll tell you exactly how it is.

We’ll call a spade a spade. We’re not interested in pushing product or getting a higher margin, but in making sure our customers are getting a forklift solution that is a right fit for them.

We provide honest-to-goodness old fashioned customer service throughout the entire new forklift sales process.

Our sales team is experienced and willing to work with you to find and source the best forklift to suit your specific needs while staying mindful of your budget. Our technicians have the grey hairs, battle scars and experience to take on almost any forklift servicing issue.


Why Us For New Forklift Sales & Used Forklift Sales?

When purchasing a new forklift or used forklift, there are many factors to take into account. You not only have to worry about cost, but also its suitability and ongoing reliability. 

At Forkserve, we’ve designed our forklift purchasing process to be as informative and seamless as possible. Our service features key factors that make us different from our competitors.

Extensive Range of New Forklifts and Used Forklifts

Since Forkserve strongly believes that our customers deserve the best, we’re proud to offer a range of new forklifts and used forklifts to businesses throughout Sydney.

We can supply All Terrain Forklifts, Gas and Electric Forklifts, Diesel and High Reach Forklifts.

Our fleet features many leading brands including: BT, Crown, Heli, Hyster, Jungheinrich, Linde, Nichiyu, Nissan, Raymond, Toyota and Yale.

With new forklifts, we specialise in the ever reliable Nichiyu, Hyster and Heli brands.

When it comes to used forklifts, we have access to a large pool of quality used forklifts that we’re able to fit out to almost any specification for you.

We don’t compromise on quality, all of our used forklifts adhere to the same strict quality control measures that we implement for our new equipment.

Right Fit

Since Forklifts serve such an integral part of many businesses operations, it’s important that you select a forklift that is suitable to your application.

Our team of experienced Forkserve staff will work with you to find and source the best forklift to suit your specific needs while staying mindful of your budget.

No matter your situation, we can tailor equipment to suit your specific needs, this may include:  providing machines with enclosed drivers cabin or tyres to suit a particular terrain. We’ll assess your unique needs and then work together to help you find the best fit.

Finance And Leasing Packages

We understand that going through all of the financing and leasing paperwork can be overwhelming. This is why our sales team will tailor a finance or lease package to suit your needs.

We work with large and small businesses and sole traders, so our sales team has the experience to put together a finance or leasing package that works for your budget.

After Sales Service Plans

For a greater peace of mind once you purchase a forklift from us, you can take advantage of our after sales service plans. These plans can be a less expensive way to get the maintenance and repair work for your forklift from us instead of directly from the manufacturer.

Forklift Repairs and Servicing can be carried out on site by our professional, well equipped and fully qualified Mobile Mechanics to minimise any disruption to your business or in our Forkserve workshop at Arndell Park which is strategically located close to M4, M7 and M2 motorways.

Purchasing a New Forklift or Used Forklift represents a significant investment. You want to make sure you’re getting a piece of equipment that is suited to your particular applications, and is going to withstand repeated and extended use.

Here at Forkserve, we supply a quality fleet of new and used forklift  models and brands. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your particular business needs.

We also make financing and ongoing support easy. We provide attractive financing and leasing packages that are affordable, and also offer industry leading after sale service support.

Whether you are buying one or expanding your forklift fleet, why not contact us at Forkserve and let’s get the process started.

Available Forklift makes & models For Hire Include: