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Benefits of Gas Forklifts 

Gas forklifts can be used for indoor and outdoor
Gas lifts has lower initial cost
It can lift heavy loads of up to 15,000 kgs
Easy refuelling
Fewer maintenance costs and intensve repair

Internal combustion forklifts or gas forklifts are ideal for use indoors. However, if you use one that runs on propane, you can use your gas forklift Sydney for both indoor and outdoor applications.

There are several advantages of using this type of forklift, and this makes them popular with many of the companies Forkserve supplies throughout Australia. You get a lower initial cost, a capacity of over 15,875 kgs and an easy refuelling capacity. They’re better suited for work around ramps, long runs and areas where you need higher speeds. They also work well for heavier-duty applications. It’s not uncommon to see them in timber and brickyards. Their larger capacity combined with their performance levels allows them to move large loads.

Refueling is Quick and Easy with Gas Lifts

One of the biggest benefits of gas forklifts is the ability to refuel quickly. You simply have to refill the gas or swap out the LP tank at an OSHA-approved refuelling station. Do this and your forklift is ready to go. However, you may end up refuelling during your shift if the previous shift didn’t do it, and this can slow you down.

Your maintenance costs vary for different internal combustion forklifts. If you have a lift truck, it requires routine engine inspections and maintenance. This helps to ensure your forklift has lower maintenance costs and fewer intensive repairs.

Forkserve offers competitive forklift gas prices on both used and brand new units.

Gas Forklifts Sydney

Gas Forklift Evolution | Gas Forklifts Sydney

Forklifts became popular during World War I and World War II because there was a labour shortage. By the end of World War II, forklifts were adopted to give better efficiency in materials handling. As the forklift’s popularity continued to rise, companies began to churn out different sizes and more versatile models.

The first narrow-aisle electric forklift made an appearance in 1954 from Lansing Bagnall. It let operators use their forklifts in more narrow areas, tight spaces and they could reach higher shelves. It revolutionised the design of warehouses in general, and it helped to maximise storage efficiency.

This new forklift led to the development of a host of safety features for the operators. It introduced operator cages, load backrests and more ergonomic designs. They worked to reduce injuries and boost productivity levels and operator comfort. Today, forklifts are a mainstay in the civil works injuries.

Forkserve Brings You Great Gas Forklifts

They are more precise and sophisticated with complex hydraulic and electronic systems. You can equip your forklifts with a broad range of equipment including RFID technology and cargo management systems to maximise your productivity levels.

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