Five Tips for Safely Operating a Forklift

Operating a forklift can be a complicated job. You want to keep everyone as safe as possible. Construction companies use this piece of equipment almost every day, as do workers and warehouses. There are several things you can do to keep your staff and customers safe when they use a forklift. We’re going to outline the biggest forklift safety tips below.

Operator Qualifications

First and foremost, your forklift operator must have the correct qualifications, training and licenses. To obtain your forklift licence, you have to be at least 18 years. You must complete a recognised training course through a registered training organisation (RTO). Once you pass this training course, a SafeWork accredited assessor will assess you. This assessor works for the RTO where you had your training course.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Every forklift operator must wear appropriate clothing that reduces the risks of having accidents. Apparel should be well fitted, and it’s important to suit up in proper PPE beforehand. Any loose or baggy clothing could end up in the machinery and cause injuries.

Double-Check the Equipment

Before you start the forklift, double-check it. You want to look over the entire unit and under it for any potential safety problems. Potential safety problems could include leaking oil or fluids, worn-out breaks, control issues or worn tyres. You have to note everything in a daily logbook and tag the forklift out right away if you notice a problem.

Five Tips for Safely Operating a Forklift - Forkserve

Control the Operation Speed

Forklifts go at variable speeds, and you want to operate the forklift with a safe and controlled pace. Not only will this give everyone plenty of time to get out of the way, but it’ll help you balance. If you have a heavy load, going too fast can unbalance your forklift and cause it to tip. Always look for people around you when you operate your forklift and go slow around any corners.

Secure the Load

When you load up your forklift, make sure the entire thing is secure. You want to position and stack any load correctly before you strap it down. Before you go, tilt the weight back toward the forklift to prevent it from falling as you move. Keep a healthy distance away from any hazards like bumps, other forklifts, vehicles and trucks.

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