How to Tell if It’s Time to Service Your Forklift 

Eventually, you’ll have to send your forklift in for service, even if you’re good about keeping it on a regular maintenance schedule. Wear and tear can cause issues with your heavy machinery, and you want to catch problems before they turn into expensive repairs. We’ve picked out the biggest warning signs that tell you it’s time to service your forklift below.

  1. The engine temperature exceeds the normal range 
    Your engine temperature has a standard operating heat range it should stay within, no matter how long you operate the forklift. If it starts exceeding it, this can lead to engine damage.
  2. The engine is very slow to turn over
    When you turn the key on your forklift, it should start right up. If it’s sluggish or slow to respond, this could be an indicator that you need a new starter, battery or an alternator.
  3. Your forklift rides rough
    When tyres start to wear out, the operator will feel more of the shock from travelling over rough ground. If this happens, check the tyres and replace them if you see flat spots, uneven wear or wear and tear beyond the safety specifications.
  4. The forklift puts out high emissions 
    You may notice a powerful vaporous odour, or you’ll see black, blue or white smoke coming from your exhaust system.
  5. Fluid pools under the forklift
    Leaks from your oil or other fluids can cause pools to form under your forklift when you park it. You want to check these leaks and repair them so nothing runs dry.
  6. The brakes lock or grind
    When you engage the breaks, do they grind, lock up or squeal? If so, it may be time to replace them so they work safely and efficiently.
  7. The mechanical or hydraulic response is slow and sluggish
    If you engage your forklift’s attachment, lift or tilt functions, how quickly do they respond? If they’re slow and sluggish, it’s time for a check.
  8. Your forklift could have a rough idle or hesitate when you accelerate
    If the forklift does this on more than one occasion, take it in for a maintenance check.

How to Tell if It’s Time to Service Your Forklift - Forkserve

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