The Benefits of Long-Term Forklift Hire

Companies that purchase their heavy machinery, like forklifts, experience depreciation each day they have them. This depreciation means that the forklift isn’t worth as much day after day, and the company will get less for it than they paid. This is why many companies are making the switch to long-term forklift hire. Forklift hire comes with several critical benefits.

Long-Term Forklift Hire Benefits

When you rent a forklift with no option to purchase or own the piece of equipment at the end of your contract, you can write off the rental expense. Additionally, you’re able to renew, extend or terminate your agreement at the end of the term. Other benefits include:

  • FlexibilityForklift hire comes with a high degree of flexibility. You’ll choose from several different terms, and many companies offer various financing options. You can pick out the ones that make sense for your company and get the equipment you need without breaking the bank.
  • Fewer Repairs – When you hire a forklift, the repairs are not your responsibility. Should the forklift break down while you have it, the company you hire from will replace it with a different one. Fewer repairs reduce your expenses, and you can maximise your productivity levels.
  • Frees Up Cash Flow – Heavy machinery is expensive to purchase outright, and smaller businesses may not have the cash flow needed to buy a forklift. Hiring is much more cost-effective, and it frees up money the company can invest elsewhere.
  • Easy Budgeting – Hiring a forklift allows business owners to budget. They’ll use the fixed, predictable long-term costs to head off any nasty surprises. There’s no need to worry about unexpected repair or maintenance bills because the parent company takes care of it.
  • Choice – Hiring allows you the opportunity to make choices based on your immediate needs. Maybe you need an electric forklift for indoor work today, but you’ll need a diesel model next week. You can hire different types of forklifts without breaking your bank.

The Benefits of Long-Term Forklift Hire - Forkserve

At Forkserve, we offer flexible and cost-effective forklift hire contracts. Our work with small and large organisations ensures we can tailor our contracts to suit your needs and budget requirements. We’ll get your forklift out the door and on the way to you quickly and efficiently so you can keep your project on track.

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