Forklift Hire: Key Questions We Ask When You Call


Whether you’re looking at hiring your first forklift, upgrading your fleet, or replacing an older model, picking the right forklift is a vital task you want to make sure you get right. You want to make sure the forklift you pick has the necessary power and performance requirements for your operational needs, and provides a cost effective option for your ongoing needs.

Here at Forkserve we’ve made the Forklift Hiring process easy. We’re a customer centric business that strives to make our hiring process as convenient and flexible as possible. We’ve composed this handy list of questions for you to consider, to be better prepared and make the hiring process run all that little bit smoother.

Do you require a standard forklift or all terrain?

Standard forklifts provide great overall performance and are ideally suited for indoor and warehouse environments. They are however not engineered to operate over rough terrain.

All terrain forklifts on the other hand are specifically engineered to operate in difficult conditions where rough terrain or limited access inhibit the use of standard forklifts. They normally feature larger tyres and higher ground clearance providing the necessary added support and stability needed to operate in uneven terrain.

Would you prefer gas, electric or diesel?

The energy needs of a forklift are best determined dependent on its intended use.

If you require a mix of both indoor and outdoor use, a gas forklift may be the best fit. On the other hand if your forklift is going to operate in a warehouse environment with limited space, an electric forklift would be more suited.

If however, you require a forklift for long high powered outdoor use, a diesel forklift would be most appropriate.

If gas, do you have your own gas bottle supply?

This will help us determine whether you already have a readily available supply of gas or whether we need to organise one for you.

If electric, do you have 3-phase power?

Modern electric forklifts require 3 phase power with the correct amperage for charging purposes. It’s important to determine whether your current electrical infrastructure has been set up to accommodate higher loads of power.

How heavy are you lifting? And how high are you lifting?

Forklifts can be used in a wide range of environments from indoor warehouse use to heavier construction applications. Having your load and height requirements can greatly assist us to determine which forklift type / model is the best fit for your particular needs.

When did you need the unit and for how long?

Here at Forkserve we stock Sydney’s largest Forklift Hire Fleet meeting the varying needs of our customers. If by some chance you need something very specific, we can source or tailor a machine to meet your needs.

Having this information will greatly assist us in finding and fitting the right forklift for you. Additionally we offer flexible hiring arrangements, giving you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade a hire agreement as the need arises.

What is the Delivery Suburb for the unit?

This helps us organise delivery details and also set up future servicing needs.

With Forkserve, servicing is carried out on site by our professional, well equipped and fully qualified Mobile Mechanics or in our Forkserve workshop at Arndell Park which is strategically located close to M4, M5, M7 and M2 motorways.

Are there any height restrictions or other special requirements that we need to consider?

Finally having this information will enable us to factor in all considerations thereby helping to ensure that we prepare the right solution for your needs and an overall smooth delivery process.

Choosing the right forklift is a vital task for any business. Forkserve strives to make this process as easy and convenient as possible. We are proud to offer Sydney’s Largest Forklift Hire Fleet, have flexible hire arrangements, and can come to you to meet all your ongoing servicing needs.

Our team of experts will take the time and effort to understand your unique operational requirements, and work out which forklift will best suit your particular specifications.

If you’re ready to embark on your Forklift Hire journey, why not contact us today.

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